Cares Of Life

Cares And Worries

Luke 10 verse 38 to 42: Story of Mary and Martha.

Martha was entertaining. She had an honoured Guest in her home. Martha was out in the kitchen preparing the meal. She was anxious. She was tense about it. Filled with troubles, she wanted everything to go well, on this special occasion.

Whereas Mary her sister, who she could see through the open door into the next room was engaged in a wonderful conversation with Jesus the guest. Martha she rushed into that began to feel sorry for herself, with all the things she had to do, and Mary was in the other room enjoying the presence of their guest.

It began too much, she rushes into the room, to say to the Lord. “Lord, don’t you care that I am out there in the kitchen all alone, having all the work to do, and Mary is in here enjoying herself? Tell Mary to get out there and help me.”

Martha is a person we can all identify with. Being honest we all know what it is like, to feel burden down with things. We all can learn from Martha how foolish it is to be anxious and filled with cares and troubles. We can all learn that in the midst of our cares spending time with Our Lord and Our Friend is much better. Read Matthew chapter 6, Our Lord tells us, “Do not worry about our lives”.

Good to grasp that understanding, because Jeremiah 29 Verse 11, tells us He has plans and purpose for our lives.

1 Peter 5 Verse 7’ Tells us to ‘Cast all your cares on Him.’

Motto of this ministry; If it matters to you it matters to Him.’

His promises are always true.

God Bless


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