Scripture Verse Of The Week

2 Peter 3 verse 18; The Apostle Peter, tells believers to:

“Grow in Grace and Knowledge”.

In Ephesians 1 verses 17 to 18: The Apostle Paul. desire the believers grow in the Grace and Knowledge of The Lord. in Wisdom, Revelation and Enlightenment .

As believers grow, Paul hoped we would firstly see more clearly what God has in store for us.

Secondly, we  would learn to appreciate what a wonderful thing it is to be part of the people of God’s Kingdom.

Thirdly, we would comprehend God’s mighty power that assures, secures and inspires those who realize that it is always available to us and is working in us.

To see, what is in store.

Learn to appreciate.

Comprehend, assurance, security and inspiration, that is always available to us.

To Grow in Grace, we must take hold of what Grace does for our lives.

To Grow in Grace, we must appreciate, the cost to Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Friend, that He paid, so ‘any ‘whosoever‘, can except. Available to All.

To grow in Knowledge, understanding and taking hold of, all God has blessed us with.

God Bless.


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