Deliverance The Lord Brings

Deliverance The Lord brings:

“Don’t be afraid stand firm and see the Lord salvation” Exodus 14 Verse 13.

When Our Lord and Our Friend fights for us, it doesn’t mean we are not involved. But the above scripture was an order and the hardest part about the order is to stand still and watch the deliverance of the Lord.

We can often make the mistake that standing still is doing nothing about our circumstances. Here is Fear versus Faith. Fear says, “just do something’. Faith says, ‘Stand in faith. Let Our Lord and Our Friend do it’.

Really that is what is about as far from doing something as we can be. This is where faith is at its greatest.

Human’s methods get in God’s way. This scripture verse was from the exodus from Egypt where the Egyptians were in pursuit of God’s people who escaped from slavery. They came to the red Sea, no way through, absolutely nothing they could do except go back to slavery.

Moses gives this command from God, don’t be afraid, Stand still. That would have seemed to be ridiculous they could see the dust of the Egyptian army advancing towards them.

Their command was to stand still and see what the Lord could do.

Suddenly where was no way God made away. I am sure Our circumstances most likely don’t get us into that bad of a situation, but we are God’s Children too. {Through accepting what Christ Jesus did on the cross}

Is He going to leave us with no way out of a circumstance? No because He has told us He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Fear requires an action, and Faith does too, stand firm, and you will see the deliverance Our Lord and Our Friend will bring. Most likely nothing like we expect.

God Bless


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