Giving and Pleasing

Not just giving to please, but giving for pleasing

Genesis 4 verse 7: “If you do right, won’t you be accepted? But if you do not right, sin is crouching at the door, It’s desire is for you, but you must master it”.

Adam and Eve gave birth to their first to children Cain and Able. Able presented an offering to God and it was accepted, Cains offering was not accepted by God.

The point of this story, is we can not hide anything from Our Lord and Our Friend. If we do anything just because we have to do it, we are really not doing it for the right reason. Everything we do for Our Lord and Our Friend, should be the best we can do, because He gave the best He had for, through His death and resurrection on the Cross.

it is also a widely known saying ‘confession is good for the soul’. When I was putting this article together, I received an article, from my Cousin Ruth, the article depicted a lady going to her minister to confess a wrong-doing. The minster’s reply was I already know I read it on facebook. It seems to have become a place, where the saying ‘confession is good for the soul’ is apparently used.

Our Lord and Our Friend doesn’t need that kind of help, he knows everything anyway, and is just waiting for us to come to Him, to relieve us of the burden of any-wrong doing we may have committed.

Our Lord and Our Friend sees us in times, where we are weighed down, by the things we do wrong. He will never just take them from us, but He will prompt us that we need to confess and give them to Him, so we can be free of them.

Cain and Able even though they were brothers, they were two completely different people. Abel was more devoted to The Lord than Cain and brought an offering to the Lord that pleased Him. Cain’s offering, however, did not find favor with The Lord. Cain grew angry and downcast.

The Lord warned Cain that sin was crouching at his door and desired to control Him, Sin can do that, if we take our eyes off Our Lord and Our Savior. Cain gave into sin and killed his brother Abel. The Lord asks Cain where Abel was? The Lord already knew, but was prompting Cain to confess what He had done.

We can’t hide anything from God. we were created to be sons and daughters of Our Loving creator God, but because of sin {wrong-doing against Him}, some are now living like orphans and slaves.

Sins {wrong-doings} separate us fro a loving God, Confession and acceptance of all He has done for us, gives us adoption into His family, and sets us free from the power of sin, that will always tries to separate us from Him.

Our Christian lives should be more than just going through the motions. Our Christian life should be built on the fact, we were created for relationship with God. So anything but our best, in what we do and  give to Him, should even be an offense to us.

God Bless.

O F J.

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