Scripture Verse Of The Week

Mark 3 verse 5: “After looking around at them with anger and sorrow at the hardness  of their hearts”.

Strange emotions to use together, Anger and Sorrow.

These were the emotions of Our Lord and Our Friend. He has so much to give us, if we accept Him, as Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend.

His anger at their {our} self-righteousness, the rules they made for themselves to keep, having excuses for not doing good, labeling people because of their circumstances.

His sorrow, because He has so much to give, by His Grace and Love for them and us. Freedom, from religious practices, freedom to worship Him anywhere and everywhere in Spirit and in Truth. Freedom and compassion to do good where ever we can. Freedom to say we are no better than anybody else, but by His Grace and His Grace alone, we have been forgiven.

It is alright to be angry, as long as it is counter-balanced by compassion, where we are thinking less about ourselves and more about others.

Anger and how we handle anger says a lot about what sort of person we are. Anger at injustice, will bring us compassion and not judgement, which is sorrow in the circumstances of others.

James 1 verses 19 & 20: V19: “My dearly loved brothers {& sisters}, understand this: everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger”.

V20: “For man’s anger does not accomplish God’s righteousness”.

After all need to be all about Him, and never about us.

God Bless

O F J.

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