Wonderful Account Book Of ‘Genesis’

The Hebrew word for Genesis means ‘in the beginning’, and that is exactly what Genesis is about. As the first book in the Bible. Genesis lays out the foundation for everything that follows.

Throughout the pages of Genesis, you experience the awesome power of God in His Creation. God is righteous, and in His Righteousness, He sent His judgement by a flood, to punish the sinful disobedience of humanity. Also, by His Righteousness, He gave Mercy of His protection of Noah and His family from the flood.

In Genesis we also witness the wondrous Grace of God as He sets in motion His plan to redeem humanity. First through the founding of a nation to be His people, and ultimately through the sending of His Son, Christ Jesus,

In addition to the many great events in Genesis, such as the creation of the universe and everything in it, we witness to fall of mankind, through rebellion and lack of trust, though not believing, what God had said. We see the flood, and the founding of a nation of God’s people.

God wants readers to become acquainted with the individuals who will be part of His plan for redeeming humanity. The individual God choose are not perfect saints. These individuals are, at times, deeply flawed, in personality, character and actions.  We see God can use people despite of their flaws, they lie, deceive others, question God, and even some are excessively proud.

God can use any individual who is willing. this is one of the wonderful messages in the Book of Genesis. The God who created us is not finished with us. He is in the business of recreating us, giving us new beginnings and helping us become the kind of people, He created us to be, in His image.

God works by the Power of His Word, The same Word that can work in our lives.

God works according to a plan. First, He forms than He fills.

He formed the earth, then He filled it with plants and animals.

He formed the firmament, and He filled it with stars and planets.

He formed the seas and filled it with living creatures.

He formed our lives, and can fill our lives today, if we will yield to Him.

Let Him fill and refresh our lives today, with all that we were created for, and we will be never the same again.

God Bless.


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