Wonderful Account ‘Job’

The author of the book about himself Job, probably lived during the patriarchal period.

The theme, deals with a question that many would ask today. The question of whether God id a God of justice in the light of all of life’s complications and perplexities, such as human suffering.

Satan who is a self worshiping leader, but better known as an accuser and a self imposed prosecutor of the brethren wants to undermine God’s goodness.So when he comes before the God’s throne. God points out his honorable friend Job.

Satan who is always accusing, makes accusations that Job loves God only because God blesses him. God gibes Satan permission to do anything to Job except take his life.

Soon Job suffers, he becomes childless, poor and horribly sick. as if that wasn’t enough Job’s three friends {later to be joined by a forth} come to diagnose Job’s problems.They all sit together. discussing and debating and trying to figure out why God is allowing Job to suffer.

One of the reason offered because Job must have sinned against God. Job is aware of is sinfulness, but insists that he hasn’t committed a sin notorious enough to deserve the dept of suffering he was having.

Job does the one thing his friend done do, {and probably many people these days} wouldn’t do, Job turns to God himself fro answers. Job complains his circumstances but doesn’t curse God.

God response {like He will do anytime for any of us}, but doesn’t give Job any explanation for why he is suffering. Instead, he cross examines Job. Job soon realizes that God is God and he is not. Job is satisfied by God’s response and once again bows before Him.

The test is complete. Job is found faithful, despite of everything that happened to him. Satan once again is proven wrong. God in all his way is found to be true and is vindicated..God restores Job’s family and fortune– giving him more then he had before.

Job story could be something like ours. We will be hurt as we walk through a broken world. But with our ever present Lord in our lives, and in the light of His goodness. That goodness will overpower any darkness we will and have experienced when Our Lord and Our Friend permanently puts an end to evil and eternal draws us back to Himself.

He promise never to leave us or forsake us. and has plans for all our lives, for good and not for ruin {Jeremaih 29 verse 11}.

We hope this insight into Job is of great blessing to you.

God Bless.


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