From The Heart

“Out of the abundance of the heart”
I seem to be stuck in this theme at present – the heart – our heart. The
scriptures tell us to guard our heart because from it flow the issues of life.
I heard a story this week about a young boy who was watching an eagle
soaring high in the sky. The eagle, spotting a weasel on the ground, swooped
down to grasp the weasel in its strong talons, then flew back into the heavens.
As the boy watched, the eagle began to fall, plummeting to the ground. He
raced over to see what had happened. The eagle was quite dead. On close
inspection, the boy saw that the weasel had eaten into the heart of the eagle.
The eagle had been so reluctant to let it go, that even when it was killing him,
he still clung on to the weasel.
A modern-day parable. What life lesson can we learn from the story? Are
there things we are allowing to eat away at us like resentment, bitterness,
shame, despair, guilt or anger? – robbing us of the abundant life that Jesus
came to give us. These emotions are real and valid but they are not good for
our health.
The Lord is with us to help us overcome in every situation in our lives. Jesus
said I will not leave you alone. I will send a Comforter, a Helper. We know this
is the mighty Holy Spirit. He is the Spirit of wisdom and counsel and might.
I love the words of the song “What a Friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and
griefs to bear; what a privilege to carry, everything to God in prayer”.
Maybe you need to find a trusted Christian friend or leader and fine help from
the. James 5:16 ESV says “Therefore confess your sins (trespasses) to one
another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. For the prayer of a
righteous person has great power as it is working.” One definition of
‘trespasses’ from the Enhanced Strong’s Dictionary, ‘a lapse or deviation from
truth and uprightness’.
Our Lord and Friend wants us walking in peace and joy in the Holy Ghost, and
free from things that weigh us down. We are called to be over comers.
May you find rest for your soul.


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