Wonderful Account Book Of James

Our wonderful account series is on the book of James.

Jesus’ half-brother James, the leader of the church in Jerusalem, writes this letter to believers scattered throughout the world. A writing for all time, we all are believers scattered throughout the world.

James writes about how we ought to live. Now that we have become Kingdom living people, citizens of God’s kingdom, there are some very practical ways that our faith will show us how to live.

Citizen of Kingdom living, we need to ask our Lord and Our Friend for wisdom, and He will give it to us. Wisdom not as the world gives, this wisdom will be peaceful and gentle, and the fruit of it should be evident in our lives.

Citizens of Kingdom living, we know that all people are God’s creations, so we are to treat people alike, rich or poor. We are not to collect and hoard riches and neglect those less fortunate than ourselves.

Citizens of Kingdom living, we are to watch our words of our tongue, because speech is a powerful weapon. We believe Our Lord and Our Friend is coming back, and He is coming back to being His Kingdom in its completeness.

Citizens of Kingdom living, we know that a Good God reigns over the world, and as believers who stand in the gap, between heaven and earth, and we can ask Our Lord and Our Friend to meet our needs. {not wants}

James’ writings may seem like a list of must does. But it should be considered a gift on how to live. Our Lord and Our Friend does not just tell us the best way to live or to live a certain way, His Spirit lives within us and empowers us to live in a certain way, that is pleasing to Him.

Citizens of Kingdom living, avoid slander one another. our relationships are to be open and loving. Compassion filled lives. There will be testings, if we persevere in trails, we will become mature. Following His Spirit leading, we will be finding blessing results. Jeremiah 29 verse 11; He has plans for our lives, if we live by His Spirits leading, The Spirit will lead us and empower us to live rich and full lives.

James is not a book of do and don’t it is love instructions from a God Who loves us dearly

God Bless


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