With God There Is New Life

Have you ever felt guilty, unliked and don’t know why, when according to the world you are holding your own?

We are created by a Holy God and that feeling has been built into us, that we are somehow not good enough, yet we don’t quite know what we’re not good enough for.

We were created to live in the presence of God, but sin [bad habits, stinken thinking, bad motives etc] all separate us from a Holy God.

Naturally, the world assumes that if that’s the case, it’s impossible to live in the presence of God.

It is however God’s one true desire to be in communion with us. So, he will make a way for us to dwell in his presence even if we are burdened with like hood of sin and sinning. After all, “All things are possible” to God.

But the buts [bad buts] The wages of sin are death [eternal separation from God]

Some people may think that is ok, but God is Love, you take love out of the equation, and not much is left.

But the buts [good buts] God is Rich in Mercy.

God gave us a way back to His eternal presence of whether we are alive or physically dead [cant dies spiritually]

John 3 verse 16

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that *whosoever* believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

*Remember put your name in there*

SIMPLE PRAYER to ask forgiveness

Dear Lord forgives me for my sins against You.

I deserve to be punished and left out of your presence forever.

I thank you Jesus that you suffered and died for me and rose again that I too may live forever.

I now repent [say sorry and turn from my wrong doings]

and ask Jesus to be My Lord and Savior. To be always MY Lord and My Friend

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