Wonderful Account From ‘Book Of Galatians’

The Apostle Paul, having just returned from Jerusalem to his home church in Antioch where the issue of faith in Christ alone for salvation has been affirmed, Paul is shocked by some distressing news. He hears that many of the Galatians who had come to belief in Christ during his first missionary journey have fallen prey to the heresy that Gentile believers must submit to all the Mosaic law before they can become Christian. The Apostle immediately writes this letter to defend justification by faith alone and warns the churches in Galatia of the dreadful consequences of abandoning the pure Gospel of Christ alone for Salvation.

If we summed up Galatians in two words: FAITH and OBEDIENCE.

Galatians focuses entirely on the Central Truth, forgotten by much of Christendom, and which was being rediscovered, and is the basic truth that needs to be rediscovered in our time.

Galatians asks the most important question, one can ever ask, what do I have to do, in practical terms, to gain a right relationship with God?

Paul’s answer is Simple “Nothing”.

Nothing but admitting there is nothing you can do and putting your faith in Christ Jesus {Our Lord and Our Friend}, as the One who has already done it for you, “EVERYTHING”  that is “NECESSARY”, is all you “NEED”.

This might seem hard for most people, because we value our independence, and our ability to look after ourselves.

As an Australian would put it, “I am alright mate”, which is a statement which stems from pride and independence.The people of Galatia, also struggled to accept. They wanted to work their way into the Kingdom of God, to pay their ticket into eternity.

Paul stresses that the price had been paid already by Christ Jesus, they just had to accept and get on board. Paul claimed this need to work their way to heaven, is another gospel, a denial of what Jesus had done and the Apostles had taught.Paul explains again what it means to be ‘Justified by Faith’.

Galatians is a vigorous, urgent book. Paul has limited time to work, he leaps straight in with the core of his message, he is a true apostle, chosen and appointed by God. {Galatians 1 verse 1& 2}.

There were people trying to bring the people back under the law. Paul had seen first hand what slavish obedience to the law, had done to people. He had seen it’s failure to save anybody. There was no way he was going to let the Christian faith be taken back to that way.

Paul speaks on true faith. Galatians  3 verse 1 to 4 verse 31. The law was a temporary measure until the promises given to Abraham, could be fulfilled by Christ Jesus. Galatians 3 verse 19 & 20.

It was supposed to teach us, but now we have a better teacher. Galatians 3 verse 24. Why would anyone want to go back, when now through Christ Jesus we have true freedom.

We have been set free by Christ Jesus, it makes no difference whether we are circumcised, or not, what Matters is Faith, that leads to love for others. {Galatians 5 verse 6]

True freedom however should not be abused. It should be seen as an opportunity, to exercise love. if you want to follow the law, love your neighbor as yourself. {Galatians 5 verse 14}.

Paul calls Christians back to Personal Faith in Christ Jesus. Describes how people are ‘Justified” before God by Faith alone. Encourages Christians to use their freedom in Christ Jesus responsibly. Key Verse Galatians 3 verse 11.

The excitement derived from Galatians, is ‘by Faith Alone’

God Bless.


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