Walking With The Lord “Weekend Inspiration”

We would like to welcome our newest Guest writer John Ross {JRC} to write poems for us, under the title “Walking With The Lord”. They will be monthly on first Saturday in place of Weekend Inspiration, for that month. I am sure you will all agree with us at the ministry {JRC} poems are very inspiring.  Read and enjoy

God Bless OFJ

The Helper

You take my desperation away, and my anxiety,

And You make the new day, the new hour,

And the time within.

The sun breaks out through the clouds,

In the beauteous shine of Your love

And Your Holy Spirit flies aloft

Ever strengthening the fibres of my being.

Where old ways become new,

As You guide me in Your way.

Your love is extraordinary –

For every time I look around, there You are,

Unlike anything I have known before.

You hold out Your hand in friendship

And reach the unreachable:

The places in me where even I have failed to go,

To help and assist, and cherish and restore,

To protect and defend,

And to care for and to nourish.

Again I fall, and again You pick me up.

And the more I fall, the more You come,

So much so that now You are part of me,

And I, You, and it always was to be.

Somehow, and in some way,

You never fail to help me

And I thank You more each time.






John Ross

JRC Copyright

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