Wonderful Account ‘Book Of Matthew’

Each of the Gospels, though broadly comparable, emphasizes something different about the significance of the life of Jesus. We find in Matthew that significance lies clearly in Jesus’ status .

Matthew presents Jesus as the Jewish Messiah sent by God to fulfill Old Testament prophecy.

God’s Creation was devastated by the fateful fall in the Garden of Eden. God’s close relationship with His people was ripped apart. From freedom of walking with God in the garden, mankind found itself bound by sin {Wrong-doing against God’s ways}.

God always wants to be close to His people, so he faithfully began putting His rescue plan in place. God often mentions the plan in His Word, He told Abraham ‘rescue is coming through your descendants. He told King David ‘rescue is coming through your loyal line’.

Rescue is coming he told His people through out the Old Testament. Then just as promised, amazingly and wonderfully the time of rescue comes. God The Son, Jesus steps onto earth and shows the world what His plan has been all along.

God is not going to rescue his people through a prophet of king, He is going to rescue them Himself. The Creator is the Rescuer.

Matthew a tax collector turned disciple, writes down his experiences with Jesus. As a Jewish man himself, he wants to help God;s people see Jesus is the fulfillment of all God’s rescue plan, a plan He has made known through out history.

Over and over Matthew shows how Jesus fulfills specific prophecies of the Old testament. All along God’s goodness has been to the rescue of His creation. And all along God’s Good heart has been for Him to fulfill the plan Himself..

Jesus, Our Lord, Our Redeemer, and Our Friend, just as it was created to be, a relationship and fellowship with God.

God Bless,


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