From The Heart

Everything has it’s time

Ecclesiastes chapter 3 tells us there is a time/season for everything. I love the song that says ‘He makes all things beautiful in His time”. His timing is perfect!

Recently we had a visiting speaker who was saying how important it is for each of us to hear the voice of the Lord for ourselves and to be obedient to His prompting.

Several years ago (2013), my late husband died from cancer and I found myself having to run our business alone. I felt totally out of my depth and cried out to the Lord for a buyer for the business. It took a year before this was finalized and at that time, I decided that I wanted to sell my home and move south to where I had other family members.

That first year I tried all ways to arrange the move….I checked out whether I could rent the house out as the market was not moving. So (2015) my older sister and I decided to do our Diploma in Counselling. Having completed that, I thought “good, now I’ll sell”. Still not one offer. The following year,(2016) we again studied and got our Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapies. I also did some maintenance to the house making it more presentable.

I had planned to list on the market over Christmas while I was away visiting family. Returning from a weekend away in late November, I found a business card of a local real estate agent under my door. When I phoned, she told me she had a cash buyer and they wanted to settle in 3 weeks.

What a whirlwind. Sorting, packing, organizing removalists, and finding somewhere to stay while I looked to buy my new home. With help from family I found myself in Brisbane, staying with my youngest sister and brother-in-law, arriving on Christmas Eve.

Wow. God is so faithful. His timing is perfect! Even when we know there is change, we need to listen to wise counsel from trusted ones around us, and move when He makes the way. We can trust our Lord and Friend.

God richly bless you. Kath

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