His Banner Over Me Is Love

I had been invited to a small gathering of people to hear a visiting minister share what was on his heart. When I arrived, I was telling a couple of people how angry I was feeling, but did not know why I was angry. As long as I wasn’t angry with them, they did seem to be fazed. Why was I angry? I ask The Lord. No answer, no change.

The speaker shared his testimony of God giving him the physical strength and courage to survive a situation with a violent intruder at his home a few years earlier. It was an amazing story but didn’t melt my anger. Why was I angry, and who was I angry at? After the speaker had finished testifying to the goodness of God in his own life, he asked me if I would allow him to pray for me. Part of what he prophesied over me was that God saw me as a woman of Faith. A woman of faith was all well and good, but I still felt angry. As the gathering dispersed and the people went on their way, I pondered what had happened, my anger was not making me feel violent toward myself or other, so why was I angry?

At the time God spoke to me through that prophetic word, I had a sense of being loved by God, but I did not experience any change or understanding of how to overcome my feelings of anger. Months after that word was given to me, I became aware my language changed every time I got angry, eventually, the penny dropped, the Holy Spirit was giving me a heads up, I needed to change my thinking, and walk in truth.

It turned out my anger was unbelief. Yes, unbelief!

2 Corinthians 5:7 states: We live by faith not by sight. As I learnt to understand the gentle ways of The Holy Spirit, I learnt living by faith means my life is structured by the word of God and not guided by worldly notions or my own selfish wants. Romans 12: 2 tells us not to conform to the pattern of the world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is.

The jewel I have taken from this encounter with Jesus is that no matter how God chooses to speak to his children, He delights to teach us His ways so we can walk in faith. Because of God’s love, today I am that woman of Faith. Thank You Jesus!

Love and Blessings


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