Faith In action ‘Honest In Our Action’

When we read about Achan in the Book of Joshua, we read about a man who presumed that God wouldn’t mind if he stole a few trinkets from the crumbling ruins of Jericho and paid for it with his life. 

Joshua 7 verse 29: “So Joshua said to Achan, “My son, give glory to the Lord God, and make confession to Him, I urge you, tell Him what you have done, Don’t hide anything from me.”

Achan presumed because he didn’t understand the Word of God.

Achan didn’t understand that stealing things from this world for a blessing, will rob one of the real blessing of the treasures of God Kingdom.

God people had just taken Jericho, the city was in ruins and now they could enter the promise land.

Achan like many didn’t understand the treasures of this world mean nothing in the Kingdom of God.

When our time comes for us all to leave this world because Our Lord and Our Friend has called us home, there is nothing we can take with us. Acceptance the things Our Lord has given us, like Love Joy, Peace, and then we step into the fullness of all He has for us.

What I wonderful statement ‘Confess what we have done, let Our Lord and Our Friend take the burden of our wrong doing from us. So we have a clean heart before Him, now and if He was to call us home to our eternal destiny.

God Bless.


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