Wonderful Account 2 Timothy

Written by The Apostle Paul, as encouragement to Timothy, at a stage in his life where Paul was to face imminent death.

Paul is in prison again in Rome. This time it is more than house arrest, Paul; is in cold prison cell and chained like a common criminal.

But to his beloved Timothy, he writes, ‘The Time for departure is near’ {2 Tim 4 verse 6}

God inspires Paul to write to his fellow laborer in faith. to commend him and commend him to keep on keeping on, advancing God’s Kingdom.

Paul reminds Timothy that God has placed a special calling on his life, and God’s Spirit will empower him to be bold in sharing Our Lord and Our Friend’s truth and love.

Opposition to this will be there, but for Timothy to revere the Truth of God’s Word, and to study and to teach them diligently.

A truth that we need today also is: That Timothy like all of us is to season his life with love and gentleness, because providing an answer to a point, is not as important as having the right character.

Paul looks back at his life and realizes that he has served God to the best of his abilities. “He had fought the good fight” {2 Tim 4 verse 7}. The reality was he was finally going see the Jesus in all His Glory, The One he has loved for so long, and that is the greatest reward of all.

A reelection for us all have we done all we can, and can we stand in that hope.

Paul knew that losing his earthly life was not the end. his real life was to begin. Waiting for him is ‘A Crown of Life” in God’s eternal Kingdom.{2 Tim 4 verse 8}

The reality of this letter, God has given believers eternal life. All believers will one day be united with the King they love, Their Lord, Their Redeemer and Their Friend.

God Bless.


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