Not Just A Bible Character ‘Philip’

There are four Philips mention in the New Testament.

1. Philip a Hellenistic Jew and one of the seven men appointed by the church in Jerusalem to supervise the daily ministry of assistance to the widows of the Christian community. This Philip was known as ‘The Evangelist’  read about him in Acts 21 verse 8.

2. Philip the Apostle whose name is fifth in each of the lists of the twelve after the two pairs of brothers, Simon Peter and Andrew, and James and John. This is the Philip we will come back to tell about.

3. Philip son of Herod the Great and Cleopatra and half brother of Antipas, whose mother was  Malthace.

4. Philip son Herod the Great and Mariamne and husband of Salome’s Herodias, who become the mistress of his half brother Herod Antipas. It was why John The Baptist rebuked Herod, and was later thrown into prison and beheaded

Well that is enough history on the name Philip, we want to highlight No 2, Philip The Apostle.

The first thing this Philip did after meeting Jesus was to find his friend Nathanael {also called Bartholomew} and tell Him, “We have found Him! Jesus of Nazareth!”  Nathanael was not impressed, “Can any good thing come out of Nazareth”, was Nathanael reply. Philip convince him to come and see.

Philip knew how important Jesus was, Later after this encounter Philip became one of Jesus’ Apostles. However like all the other Apostle Philip had a lot to learn about The Power of Christ,

Philip was to question Jesus as to how the 5000 people would be fed  Philip was particularly puzzled. read about this in John 6 verses 5 to 7: By the miracle that followed Philip learnt that nothing is impossible to the one who is the Lord of all creation.

Philip next mention was in Jerusalem after Christ’s triumphal entry to the city, where some Greeks express interest in meeting Jesus, approached Philip John 12 verse 20 to 22.

And then in the upper room, before Jesus’ arrest and trial. Jesus responded to Philip question, That He {Jesus} was the incarnate Son, and is the all sufficient revelation of the father to Humanity. John 14 verse 8 to 10.

Philips strengths

1. Called to one of the twelve Apostles.

2. A willing learner.

3. A devoted follower.

4. An approachable person, willing to help others seeking after the Christ

But Philip will be best remember for bringing his friends to Christ, once He found Christ Jesus for himself.

Can it be said of us that we told our friends, of  the wonderful Lord and Savior we have found. The Good News is to good to keep to ourselves.

Read more about Philip the Apostle in John 1 verses 43 to 51;

A verse to live by from the story of John 5 verse 24:

“I {Jesus} assure you; Anyone who hears my word and believes Him who sent Me has eternal life and will not come under judgement but has passed from death to life.”

That is to good to keep to ourselves, let be like Philip and tell those close to us.

God Bless.

O F J.

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