Weekend Inspiration


From verses read in the Old Testament book in ‘NUMBERS’ ,we learn of traditional procedures that the Israelite people adhered to even on their journey to a promised destination. One ceremony was the ‘water of cleansing’ (Chapter 19) and was a task of lengthy days of purification from sin. It involved washing of clothes as well as bathing after the burning of a heifer without a blemish. The man who collects the ashes also had to wash as commanded. This water purification went on for seven days and was a lasting ordinance to all Israelites as well as aliens living among them. The law applied also to anyone who died in a tent. The Israelites expressed some disobedience-rebellion-conflict over ceremonial animal sacrifices in a presumption of ignorance of God’s word.

Yet many constant lessons were taught to the Hebrews during the delays on their long arduous desert journey and seemed an endless pathway. Their hoarded food rotted and they tried to uphold laws and resolutions to God but became anxious with regrets. Some began to be outspoken against God’s commands to the extent of saying they wished they had died in slavery.

God continued to negotiate and carried his people with loving guidance despite the criticism and resentment. Like us today, the followers wanted to do it their way and give up but the Lord knew and claimed his motives with steadfast encouragement, He motivated and renewed their hopes beyond the hopelessness and lack of faith. The Lord continues to do that today in all circumstances and blesses our fears and tears in abundant compassion. It is not necessary for most of us today to apply the ‘water of cleansing’ ceremony as a time consuming tradition. We need only to ask humbly for his gracious forgiveness for sins from our soul as a holy request and the cleansing descends.

Be Blessed .


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