Wash Not Only Our Feet LOrd


In the Gospel of John Chapter 13: Our Lord and Our Friend washed the disciples feet. He washed between their toes, it is intimate, messy and tender.

Jesus could have gone his entire life without kneeling and washing. He Himself as King desevered to have His feet washed, not the other way round. This event was entirely not needed.

But it was Our Lord and Our friend’s heart. God is so lovingly humble that He will stoop to even the most menial of tasks to show the intensity of His Love.

God loves us individually, here he is washing 24 feet and intimately more 120 toes, even the feet and toes of someone who would betray Him Judas.

This is the same Love that led The Son of God to lay aside His Heavenly Glory and take ‘the very nature of a servant {Philippians 2 verse 7}

To take from this and understand, we are loved with this depth of tender, intimate, intensive love.

John 3 verse 16:”For God so loved the world {you and I} that He gave His One and Only Son, that “whosoever’ {you and I} believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

The Love that He Gave The Love that He washed The disciples feet with is aprt of the great love He has for us all.

Jesus we come wash us free from the power of sin, so we may live to serve and help others understand, how deep and gracious your Love is.

Lord wash not only our feet.

God Bless.


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