From The Heart

Many of the people we read about tin the bible, I am sure sometimes we think, just another Bible character. There is something interesting when we find out more about all of these people. Here is just one Amos.

Amos was a Hebrew prophet of the eight century. An Old testament Book bears his name, but little is known about Amos, accept he was not a part of the court like Isaiah or Zechariah. Amos was not a priest like Jeremiah. Amos was a small businessman. Although he was described as a shepherd, he really was a sheep owner as well as having a fig business

But when the Word of The Lord came to him, he had to speak out. Like many small businessmen, he was in favor of plain speaking, Amos message is straightforward condemnation of the people’s smug, self-satisfied veneer of religion. Amos message contained a savage swipe at their idolatry, their corruptness, and their unjustness.

Amos displayed true passion for commitment to the Truth, He had a deep respect for God, and an understanding of all that God had done for the people.

Amos confirms he is not a professional prophet, and was never trained to be one. Amos states that he is just a shepherd and he looks after his fig trees. Amos was just doing what the Lord told him to do and say.

Amos’ message was a call to repentance of personal and social wrong-doings, and a return to worship the One True God, and the covenantal standards that made the people a nation.

God can use anyone, Amos was a business man, called by The Lord to deliver a message to his people, Amos despite saying he was not qualified, did what The Lord required anyway.

Amos displayed obedience, loyalty and courage carrying out what the Lord required him to do. Amos is a person of faith, an example to us all.

Verse to remember Amos 5 verse 24: “But let justice flow like water, and righteousness, like an unfailing stream”.

Amos displayed integrity, read about Amos, in a book of the same name.

God Bless.

O F J.

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