Study Of Revelation cont. ‘The Final Letter To The Churches Laodicea


This is the seventh and final church in our Revelation study. The seventh church is Laodicea.  Revelation 3 verse 14 to 22:

Laodicea was an economic banking center for Asia. Due to it’s location, it became a major financial site for the Roman Empire, The city was known for the soft black wool it produced. Laodicea was also known for a center of ancient medicine. The city had a medical school and a nearby temple to the Phrygian god, and was associated with the school. The medical school was famous for developing eye salve, which was sold all over the then known world. Three industries, banking, clothing and eye medicine, are all mentioned in Jesus’ condemnation.

Church is a place where you come to worship, to serve, to be uplifted and to be encouraged. Well the Laodicea church was the opposite and made even Jesus angry  at the way they were.

The big question of the people going to this church, did they know anything about Jesus and His Love and Grace, or they just going through the motions of church.Jesus does call them a church{ a gathering of believers] and gives some indication that a few in the church were saved. But even this handful of true believers were shallow and indifferent to Our Lord and Our Friend. Most of the people attending the church, of Laodicea were lost.

This is a church where the people are not genuine, to The Gospel they should be following. The problem is that the people just attend the church, pledge money, serve on programmes in the church, but it is only an outward sign of religion. Christianity is not a religion it is a way of life, and apparently the life was missing.The name above the door was Christ Jesus, and there were certainly people on the seats, but Jesus Himself is locked out.

Jesus is left standing at the door of the Laodicea church and knocking, knocking not only to get into the church but also knocking to get into the hearts of the people.

The other six churches all received even at least, some words of encouragement, not this church didn’t get any. I fact Jesus called them lukewarm , neither hot or cold. which gives reference to they made Jesus feel sick. the reason for this was these people relied on themselves and their own good deeds to make themselves right with God.

Even people outside the church would have been easier to talk to, because they know they are far from God. But when you have a group going through the motions of church, members of a worldly church and not members of Christ Jesus by faith, they are hard to change.

The only solution for these people was to turn to Jesus and accept the great salvation and freedom He has achieved for them and us all. Jesus does use a powerful picture of Himself standing at the door of the church and at the door of a human heart and knocking, hoping they would open the door to their lives to Him.

The message we should all take from the Church at Laodicea is What pleases Him, is not our religious baggage and concepts, but Faith alone in His Son. We cannot trust our own work or religious activities to make us right with God, it is by Faith alone we are made right with God.

Then through our relationship with Him, will will want to serve Him in anyway we can.

 God Bless.

O F J.

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