Consequences Another Installment


We have talked about this subject before, and the facts are to everything we do there are consequences, some might be good and some might be disturb-ling bad.

i wasn’t to academic at school, but I know that higher maths {Algebra} has formulas eg A +  B = C. well I made up a couple of my own formulas to explain consequences,  {This might be sacrilege to a maths purist}  but if it gets the point across, the formula has worked.

So putting it in a simple formula:1.

A. is relationship with God; +

B. is the choice to believe in and trust God; =

C. The plan that God had at Creation to commune with us, in a special place He made for us to live with Him.

And putting it in another simple formula; 2.

A. is relationship with God; +

D. is a dunce decision, not to even believe in God, let alone trust Him =

U. The unknown eternal life without God, and no close relationship with Him.

The point is:

God is Love, outside of God there must be something less real then the love of God {Our Lord and Our Friend}

God is Life, outside of God, there must be life with a lot less meaning.

God in His wisdom created us all with free will, the choices we have in life are ours to make, but the consequences of all our decisions are also ours.

The God that created us all is a Loving God, and He want be to Our Lord and Our Friend. It is a matter of choice for each one of us.

Accepting Him to be apart of our lives, you will never have to worry about the consequences, because He has promised to be there with us all the time.

The choice is easy.

God Bless.


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