Faith In Action ‘Decision Making’

Gleaning from what we read. Most people like books and shows, where there is a plot, or underlining story, and become intrigued to think out and understand the story within a story.

Well the story of Rebekah from the Old Testament, primarily from Genesis chapters 24 to 27: Rebecca’s name means ‘well fed’ or ‘choice’. Genesis 24 is the account of the successful search by Abraham servant Eliezar for a wife for Isaac. The search for a wife took Eliezar to Aram-Naharaim {Northwest Mesopotamia} in obedience to Abraham, who did not want his son to marry a local Canaanite. {That another story within it self about looking outside the box}.

God promised a covenant with Abraham, than made and confirmed it, {Genesis 12 1 to 3, 22 verse 15 to 18}. It was the bases of future blessing for many people. Abraham was known as a man of Faith, {James 2 verse 23}. Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness, and he was called God’s friend.

The man of faith sent one of his servants Eliezar, to find a wife for his son Isaac, Eliezar’s  life must have been effected by Abraham, because he prayed about the job he had been given. In answer to Eliezar’s prayer, Rebekah  not only gave a drink to Eliezar, but also watered his camels. After a certain amount of hospitality was extended and payment made, Rebekah willing went to meet the new husband.

Locating Rebekah was only the first part of Eliezar’s job. We must pause to see hoe Eliezar illustrates the work of The Holy Spirit in The Word, today as he uses us to witness about Christ Jesus {Acts 1 verse 8}. He didn’t speak about himself but about his master and his riches, He gave tokens of his master wealth just as the Holy Spirit gives us the ‘first fruits’ and ‘down payment’ of our spiritual riches in Christ Jesus. {Ephesians 1 verse 13 and 14}.

What motivated Rebekah’s to make the right decision? She heard the word about Isaac and believed it. She saw proof of his greatness, generosity and wealth and wanted to belong to him for the rest of her life. Rebekah’s response is story within the story in importance of decision making. Sinners must not delay in making decisions for Christ Jesus, It is a decision of faith, based on the evidence provided by the Holy Spirit through The Word and the witness of all our lives, that follow Our Lord and Our Friend.

God Bless.


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