Faith In action ‘Ordinary For Extraordinary’

Our Lord and Our Friend uses ordinary people and make them extraordinary just have a heart to be used.

In Judges 4 verse 5: We read the story of Deborah. Deborah was one of the last people who in her culture would have been expected to achieve what she achieved. The Principle here is God doesn’t require His servants?workers to have a certain human or social status. God can use anybody who make themselves available to Him, even those with great doubt.

In Judges 6 and 7; This doubt can be seen with Gideon, a man of doubt, given an unbelievable job. Gideon even though it took a while to convince him, that God wanted to use him, Gideon planned one of the most incredible raids in military history. Gideon reduced his army to 300 hundred men, and the were armed with trumpets and candles , to come against an army of tens of thousands. Here we find a spiritual truth, God can use a small minority to achieve great things, so the church should not complain it relatively small numbers in socket today.God hates being pinned down or being put in a box, but there are always visionary people looking already for God’s tactics  of surprise. God has the ideas to achieve His purposes, He is looking for a people who can think out side the box, and be His Hands and Feet to complete all that He requires.

In Judges 13 verse 1 to 16 verse 31: Samson is a strange judge. He has superhuman strength and all too human weakness. Samson hated the Philistines, but chose one of their woman to be his wife. Unsurprisingly, it was a woman who was his downfall. Samson was obsessed with Delilah from the moment he saw her, but she was only in for the money. Three times she asks him the source of his strength and finally she get the truth out of him  We all have Achilles heals, something that if we don’t give over to God will make us less effect for the Kingdom of God. Samson finally see that his strength always came from God {And we too can achieve nothing worthwhile without Him}. Samson after being tortures and mocked at the hands of his enemies, turns to God again and brings the House down.

Ordinary for extraordinary dare to be use, make ourselves available to be used.

God Bless.

O F J.

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