Faith In Action ‘Being An Encourager’

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Being an encourager, our article this coming Friday is on Barnabas. Barnabas was know for his encouraging.

Barnabas was an Encourager, and was one of the most quietly influential people in the early days of Christianity. Barnabas was called an Apostle, even though he was not one of the twelve. His good reputation in Jerusalem may have influenced the Apostles to select him as Paul’s companion for missionary work.


Encouragement is one of the most effective ways to help, and there is always someone who needs encouragement.

It is an effective challenge to give yourself in the mornings. Instead of waking up to say, like we are sure a lot say “Good lord it is morning’, we should make it our prayer {Prayer is our communication with God}, Good morning Lord, what are we going to do together today.

We should never get so rapped up in our own little world, not to see the so many people that need encouragement. It doesn’t have to be a great verbal response, it maybe we just say, to someone random, ‘God loves you’. We might sometimes get a strange reaction, but we also might get, please tell me more.

What a great privilege it is to share about the love of the lord.  I myself was in a situation recently where I met a man {Jo}, who had been told to get his affairs in order, he didn’t have long to live. Jo wasn’t a believer, but what a wonderful, pleasure I had, sharing the wonderful love, Our Lord, Our redeemer and Friend has for us all.

To come to know, that at a very hard time in your life, someone loves you, and that is The God that created you, and it seems to change a person and that is what I saw happen with Jo.

John 3 Verse 1: {NKJV} “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,  that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”.

Jo was a ”Whosoever’, and God loves him. he never knew or understood about God, but God still loved him. Indeed a privilege to share with Jo. So we need to open and ready to share our faith, share it through encouraging people, in any situation they might be going through.

Faith is an “Action’ one aspect of action may be sharing our faith. Sharing our faith is also a way of encouraging ourselves as well.

God Bless.






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