Insights Into The Book Of Haggai


The third book from our book of The Bible series. ‘Haggai’

Complacent could be considered not giving our best. In Haggai the prophet Haggai calls the complacent people of Judah to resume the rebuilding of the temple and in that way give glory to God.

God has brought his people out of exile and back home to the promised land.Some of the oldest people have lived through the exile and return. They are witnesses to God keeping His promises.

But they have come home to ruins. Jerusalem’s wall and God’s temple are a pile of rubble. That is how God takes us, a pile of rubble and turned us into a temple for His Spirit to reside.

Like our journey through life, people give us trouble. well it happened here in this story. When the Samaritans and other neighbors gave trouble in he construction, the [people got discouraged and stopped.

A life lesson from this is don’t let discouragement stop you, from fulfilling your destiny in God.

The people for about ten years after, started to focus on their own lives and their own home, while God’s house is incomplete.

But Our Lord and Our Friend doesn’t want to be on the sideline of our hearts, and God won’t let them keep Him on the sideline of their hearts either. And when God tires to get your attention, we better start listening.

Well God does try to get their attention through drought and a famine, and He confront the people directly through Haggai.the prophet. God was annoyed by, why they had time to build their own house but not His.

Haggai manages to stir the spirits of the people and they get to work again on God’s house. The people get discouraged again, but the temple finally gets completed not as majestic as it should have been But God assures them “The glory of the present house will be greater then the glory of the former house.”

Herod the great hundreds of years later enhances the structure, and when Jesus Himself enters. God incarnate enters the temple.

God’s people have been beaten down and nearly destroyed, but God knows He will turn their heartaches into good.

Trust and belief for us to, Our Lord and Our Friend can turn our heartache into Good.

Jeremiah 29 Verse 11, he has plans for all our lives, is we are willing to trust Him

God Bless


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