Praying And Priorities



Where to find stillness and a river of peace amidst all the chaos, uncertainty and multiple natural disasters we are experiencing at this time? Where to seek answers where relationships are torn to shreds by violence, drug abundance is rife, causing mind damage and children are exposed to negative environments? Take refuge in relating and listening to God in prayer priority. Find a time of quiet stillness, serenity and reflection for even just ten minutes and enter HIS presence.

Psalm 71 (The Living Bible) verses 1 to 9:  put it like this: ‘Lord, you are just! Rescue me, bend down your ear and listen to my plea. Be to me, a great protecting rock……safe from all attacks…. for you have issued the order to save me. You alone are my hope, I’ve trusted you from childhood and you have helped me constantly….I am always praising you.’ Ask for rescue, for a listening ear, to be protected from attack by enemies and know he confirms his trust and receipt of help from his Lord. He also praises and honor’s his God for all he has done. Then he seeks mercy, ‘Don’t set me aside, nor forsake me in my old age when strength is failing me.’ Next he thanks God, ‘I cannot count the times when you have saved me from danger under your daily, constant care and I tell all how good you are and how I walk in your strength.’ Such a strong faith emerges here with trust from ancient days and ways!

In Psalm 73Verses 1 to 16:  a different slant is written that could apply in the world today!

‘I came so close to the edge of the cliff, my feet were slipping, I was almost gone. I was envious of the proud and wicked who grew sleek and fat and wore jewels of pride along with clothes of cruelty and had all they could wish for. They scoff at God and against heaven and strut through the earth.’

And so God’s people are dismayed, confused and drink it all in. “Does God realize what is going on? Such arrogant men, never lift a finger, live a life of ease with riches that multiply?’ We can surely recognize that our God does know of the prosperity of those who hate the Lord but also it will all go sliding over the cliff’s edge to destruction (verse 18). Therefore, it is just a dream and they will awaken to the truth, says the word. Verses 21 to the end is a permanent promise to us all and it states, “But as for me, I will get as close to him as I can… .and I will tell everyone the wonderful ways he rescues me.’

So, prayerfully list the ways in this passage to believe and trust that our God can rescue us also, to have faith, to rest in his refuge, stillness, calmness, trust, peace and absolute love.



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