Weekend Inspiration


Cast all your cares upon him-today and forever.

God will not change- nor will his love nor his ‘forever’

teachings. Therefore, (Hebrews 13-8) whenever we pray

we are expecting an answer, however long it takes.

Our fellow Christians, how often do we somehow try to hasten the process by our own efforts? This is interfering, in a human way. of trying to get God to follow our outcome of a situation and one which will rearrange the plans of holy wisdom interaction instead of the will of the heavenly touch from our God. Think about it? The lead up to the ones who hung from the cross in blood, affected more than our Lord? There were three who shared in the agony? Do you really think they were chosen at random to suffer such excruciating torture and loss all those hours? It was a dark shadowed ending that changed the world of corruption, sin and life beyond salvation from evil. Or has it changed?

Was such a death of pain and bleeding the answer our Lord Jesus was sacrificed for in such a reality? Do we feel that sacrifice of death today or; are we loving in such indifference to our companions, in bored complacency? How much do we represent the love that Jesus sent to all in his last breath in such an incredible sacrifice with LOVE, WITH PEACE, but most of all, SURRENDERING HIS ultimate expression of the world’s example of forgiveness by pouring his blood, by staining rivers of love and life to set you and I free.

His LOVE FOR OURS, lives, lives and lives.



from Lorraine

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