Carrying The Presence Of God

There is a wonderful story from 2 Samuel Chapter 5 to 7. David is crowned king over all of Israel.

The people in Joshua’s time had failed to drive out the Jebusites from Jerusalem, so as one of David’s first acts as king, he drives them out once and for all. After which David makes his home in Jerusalem, and the people begin to call it the city of David.

Soon after King David gathers to together his army, to bring the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem. To do this they place The Ark on an oxcart, and with lots of celebration and music, they begin a procession to bring the Ark back.

While they were doing this, the oxen stumble. taking hold of the Holy. Uzzah reaches out his hand and tries to steady the Ark. God is angry, and Uzzah dies instantly. well that is a way to stop the procession.

For three months the Ark stays in the home of Obed-Edom, and God blesses his entire household.

When David tries again to bring the Ark back, this time there is no oxcart. The Levities carry the Ark with poles on their shoulders, like the Lord had commanded Moses. After the Ark was taken six steps David offer a sacrifice.

This extravagant parade and celebrations continues as King David dances without inhibition before the Ark. God’s presence is coming to David’s city. Danced without inhibition before the presence of the Lord.

There is only Joy in the presence of The Lord, and there is no shame. We should not let our inhibitions stop us from enjoying the Lord’s presence either.

God Bless.


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