Weekend Inspiration

Have you ever done anything to please people, more than you have tried to please God.

The story of Pilate; Luke 23 verses 23 and 24: Pilate agreed to have Jesus executed to appease the angry mob.

The lack of evidence had frustrated Pilate, and he told the leaders who wanted to have Jesus put to death, that after he had examined Jesus, he did not find Jesus guilty of any the charges against Him.

We could most likely all sit back and say,  ‘If that had have been any of us, we would have made a decision based on the facts, and not allowed Jesus to be crucified.

The overriding fact is that Jesus, came to die, to pay the price, none of us could pay, to walk in fellowship with God.

Pilate didn’t want to make the decision, but because he wanted to please the people. he did.

That decision was bad, because Pilate wanted to be a people pleaser. But the Irony is he made the decision that had to be made. .

But if we were faced with a decision, where the facts on the subject were quite clear, would we allow ourselves, to be persuaded by people, to go against the evidence.

May All our lives display, what we believe, and not just what people want to see or hear.

God Bless.


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