Not Just A Bible Character ‘Cornelius’

Cornelius was Roman Centurion and the first gentile Christian mentioned in the Book Of Acts.

Cornelius conversion came through the preaching of the Apostle Peter in Acts 10 verse 1 to 11 verse 18: Before becoming a Christian, Cornelius was well known to the Jews as a person who feared God, prayed continually, and was a willing giver,

The Apostle Peter was lead to Cornelius’s house by a vision, God led Peter to Cornelius’s house to preach the gospel to him and his family and close friends.

Before Peter had finished speaking, and before the laying on of hands, God dramatically demonstrated his acceptance of Gentiles into the fellowship, by giving them the gift of The Holy Spirit.

Cornelius’s conversion represented a significant step in the separation of the early church from Judaism.Cornelius did not have to submit to any of the Jewish practices, like circumcision, or eating only ritually clean animals  This was the first time a gentile believer was accepted into the church on equal terms with Jewish Christians

Christianity is open to ALL, who will accept, Christ Jesus, as their Lord, Their Savior, Their Redeemer and Their Friend.

Cornelius strengths:

A God fearing and generous Roman Officer.

Despite of being a Roman officer, he was well respected by non-Romans.

He was a family man, who responded to God’s invitation to Salvation, and encouraged his family to do the same.

His conversion helped the young church, understand the Good news was available to all who accept.

Wisdom to be learned for Cornelius’s story:

The Gospel the Good News is for ALL people.

God will reach those who want to know Him.

When we pursue the things of God, and we are willing to seek Truth, He will find us.

Scripture verse that sums up Cornelius as a person of Faith:

Acts 10 verse 2: “He was a devoted man and feared God along with his whole household. He did many charitable deeds for God’s people and always prayed to God”.

Great Lesson to be learned from Cornelius; His faith changed the direction of the early church, and The Good News became available to All.

God Bless.

O F J.

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