Born Of The Spirit

The Bible tells the miraculous story of New Birth.

In Book of John chapter 3: Nicodemus was a man of the Pharisees.

A ruler of the Jews.

He was one of the most educated men of his day.

He was one of the most religious men of his day.

We read that he comes to Jesus by night.

But Nicodemus was hungry for God.

He comes right to the point and esquires about the Kingdom of God.

Jesus instantly knew the need of this man even as he knows and understands the needs  of every man and woman.

Jesus said, ‘Niccodemus, ‘You must be born again’.

Niccodemus couldn’t understand what Jesus meant.

‘How can a man be born when he is old.”

But Jesus said, “No, you have got to be born from the Spirit”.

Jesus wanted Niccodemus to see the similarity between the natural birth and spiritual birth.

Born into this world by nature, born into the Kingdoms of God, by God grace. unmerited favor, to reach the potential, we were created for,

God Bless


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