Weekend Inspiration ‘Special’

Ready for a blessing? In Bible times, when a man was accused of a crime, a ‘handwriting of ordinance’ would be written against him. His indictment would be written down, the crime that he committed, or thought he committed. Then this ‘handwriting of ordinance’ was delivered to the judge, and there would be a trial. If he were adjudicated guilty, then, they would write, on this description of his crime, the penalty, the debt, that was due.

Let us just suppose, that he was to spend 10 years in prison. They would write on there; what he had done and the penalty to be paid. Once he fulfilled his time in jail, once he had paid his debt to society, and to the king, then he would be released. The handwritten bill was given to the clerk, and he would take it back toi the judge. The Judge would say, ‘Has he paid in full?  The clerk would say yes your honor, he has paid in full.

The judge or king, whichever the case might be, would take the certificate of debt and write across it. one word. It is the same word that Jesus uttered from the cross. It is the word ‘Telalestai’, which literally means, ‘paid in full’

The former prisoner walks out the jail or courtroom, having his debt paid. There is nothing that the law can bring up against him. that is gone, It is buried, It is finished. It is paid in Full.

Colossians 2 Verse 14: “He erased the certificate of debt, with its obligations, that was against us and opposed to us, and has taken it out of the way by nailing it to the cross.”

Jesus paid in full, all we should have been held account for.

Are we walking in “The paid in full” he has set us free with?

God Bless


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