Not Just A Bible Character ‘Caleb’

Caleb was one of the twelve spies sent out to scout the land of Canaan, and although Caleb and Joshua another spy, recommended an immediate attack ,their suggestion was rejected by the Israelite tribes because of the other reports of heavily fortified fortresses.

Caleb was described by God as having a ‘different spirit’ Numbers 14 verse 24. Caleb and Joshua didn’t let peer pressure get to them.Caleb is an early example, of ‘All things are possible with God’s help ’We know Caleb as one the the scouts {spies} sent by Moses to survey the Promise land {Canaan}Caleb because of His trust in God was one of only two adults who left Egypt {Bondage} and enter the promise land.

Caleb faith took him from bondage to freedom in the promised land.Caleb was not afraid to voice a minority opinion, because he believed, in what God had promised .Caleb expressed faith in God’s promises, in spite of the difficulties and apparent obstacles.Lessons we can take from Caleb life are:

1. Majority opinions is not an accurate measurement of right and wrong.

2.. Boldness based on God’s faithfulness, is more than enough.

3. For Our courage and faith to be effective, we must combine our words with our actions.Caleb testimony is that God described him having a different spirit.

We all have a different Spirit from this world, who is The Holy Spirit who is our helper and comforter.

Lets all be like Caleb and Joshua full of a different spirit and Vision, which we can take to this world, to bring them out of bandage, by our displaying a New Kingdom with hope and promise.

God Bless.

O F J.

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