Dealing With Difficulties ‘Faint-hearted’

Faint-hearted: Nervous and timid, and also deficient in conviction or courage.

There is a saying not for the faint-hearted.  Should only describe somebody before they ask Our Lord and Our Friend to come into their lives, because after we accept Him into our lives, He becomes our all sufficiency.

The world most likely holds two opinions of Christians, they either believe us to be faint-hearted and not true to our convictions, or they are in a way scared of us, In Joshua 2 verse 24; The people had that opinion about God’s people:

“They told Joshua, The Lord has handed over the entire land to us. Everyone who lives in the land is also panicking because of us”.

On one hand the world might call us wimps, but when we are secure with the knowledge of who we are IN Christ Jesus, they could also be unkind, because of Our Faith and Trust In him.

With God on our side, we have no reason to be faint-hearted, and everyday in the Lord is a new day. So let the words from Deuteronomy 2 verse 29; take hold, as we do what The Lord requires of us to do.

v29; “Today I begin to put the fear and dread of you on the peoples everywhere under heaven. They will hear the report about you, tremble, and be in anguish because of you”

We are all call to walk in Faith, in Faith, there can be no faint-heartedness, there only can be big heartedness, because it is all about the Awesome God we serve and not anything about us

God Bless.

 O F J.

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