Weekend Inspiration


 Words have power when we share varying meanings in the Christian faith. There are words expressed in emotional forces such as crying, screaming or in frozen ones that are not able to be vocalized. When this is observed we are all affected and so it was when Jesus verbalized the truths of the inner heart of his love for us. Another wise perception is the impact of his teachings when he revealed profound love and acceptance.

Wherever he traveled to minister to others the lives of the gathering crowds were changed, cherished and crowds were confronted with amazing insights into the grace and gifting of the ‘JESUS’ impact. Yes, it was a profoundly moving of the Holy Spirit where lives were restored and a surge of loving wave of joyful ‘togetherness’ became a life lived in love, respect and compassion never produced before. It was purely a ‘JESUS JOY’ as faith and hope were spread from border to border, tribe to tribe. Powerful promises were fulfilled as sons and daughters claimed the seeking of changed choices to embrace each other with gentle forgiveness and flowing respect.

Given the scenario of the above, was it not God’s purpose and promise to bring  peace in defeating Satan, to also grant to us the power over ‘Him’ who has to experience  defeat by the power in God’s promises over the betrayal of one who is evil?  

Harsh words but truth is always revealed in the price of power and peace for each one of us.

  Be followers to pray for the price for peace, by the prince of Love!

Blessings daily


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