Faith In Action ‘Try Complimenting Yourself’

ezra scripture

In the presence of God, on the privacy of prayer, take time to applaud all the things Our Lord and Our Friend has helped you achieve.

We are redeemed children of God! let our lights shine.

As believers we can sometimes become so programmed to humility, coupled with the awareness that we can accomplish nothing without the Grace of God, that we fail to give ourselves adequate credit.

God knows us to well and we need a pat on the back. There are more precious dreams God wants us to peruse, because there are bigger battles to be fought. The need to endure to the end compels us to give ourselves all the motivation possible.

If we find it hard to give ourselves complements begin by thanking Him:

Thank You My Lord and My Friend, for giving me enough faith in myself, and in your goodness to me, to compliment myself! I thank You that I have been created with a mind capable of dreaming dreams! I thank you that I have a heart through which your love can flow to all around me. I thank You that I have talents, abilities and gifts you can use. I thank you that you are using me, for your light to shine through. I thank you, for all that you are doing through me, much more than I could ever though. Be with me, now and always. Thank You Father in Jesus Name, Amen.

We have a lot to thank Him for, We have a lot to be grateful for, but be grateful that He loves us and has plans for all our lives Jeremiah 29 Verse 11:

So it doesn’t hurt give give yourself a pat on the back for that reason, but always give Him the praise and glory for making our lives possible.

God Bless


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