Weekend Inspiration



Who has suffered greatly in the days of Moses whilst walking with Jesus? We are told that a man was cleansed of leprosy after listening being impacted by the teaching, the leprosy left him. His companions, such as Simon Peter, observed great multitudes came together, to hear and be healed of their iniquities while mingling so that Moses also came to hear. So he withdrew himself to the wilderness and prayed. And so it came to pass on a certain day, many worthy representatives came from every town in Galilee and in the power of the Lord, as present to heal them. (Luke 5). What has this to do with healing and hurting? The experiences of forgiveness’ and the challenge of blasphemy reached their hearts and thoughts to form forgiveness of reasoning or to say, ‘Rise up and walk.’ The hurting people who are healed in God’s grace become his beloved supporters with humility and a, constant loving, flowing

acceptance of mankind which will reinforce a bond with the Lord that will not break. He sheds and shares the pain he bore at crucifixion and holds the hurting human heart and soul in his hands.. Our suffering will be under the blessings of our God to be made whole. He will honour and forgive in light and love.

We belong to God.


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