Timing And Fulfillment


Timing and Fulfillment In His Grace:

I Peter 5 verse 10:  ‘God who gives all grace, will make everything right. He will make you strong-support you and keep you from falling.’

For many of us the timing and fulfillment of this grace seems to take so long. Yet, not so for God-his patience is awe inspiring. For over seventy years he was constantly provoked and ignored by his people, according to Jeremiah’s prophesying words.’ He writes, “For twenty three years, the word of the Lord has come to me and I have spoken to you again and again but you have not listened.”

Imagine speaking out for that long and not listened to? The Lord also accused his people of turning away and therefore bringing harm to themselves and causing extreme provocation. How many Christians are guilty of that also? In 25 verse 10, God says: ‘I will banish from them the sounds of joyous gladness, the loving voices of bride and bridegroom, the sound of millstones and the light of lamps.’ Can you imagine these sounds and sights taken from us? Here, the Lord warns of punishment and yet grants them another seventy years grace for repentance. ‘Take from my hand this cup filled with the wine of my wrath and make all nations so drink it.’, he orders them.

Time’s up Guys, he says. ‘You will drink from the cup, you will get drunk, vomit ,stagger and fall to rise no more, because of the sword I will send among you.’ Jeremiah 25, verse 54: “There is no more time to repent. ‘You weep and wail, roll in the dust. Your time to be slaughtered has come; you will fall and be shattered like broken pottery. The peaceful meadows will be laid to waste, because of the Lord’s fierce anger.’

So the message is, ‘Listen, do not provoke the Lord’s ways, time, as prophesied has run out, acknowledge your disregard, return to the Lord, do not reject him. The people in Jeremiah’s time had seventy years to obey God but think about it? Do we have that long? Give yourself to God now!

‘According to their deeds, I will repay them and the work of their hands.’


Be Blessed


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