Weekend Inspiration



It is amazing to me how much less we talk until, as a listener, the Lord gives us a sense of what he wants us to reply. It may even mean that we are not needed to reply unless God prompts us to. Love listens, loving people listen, loving people feel hurt for others, loving people are guided by God as to what he wants us to say.

Is not that a difficult challenge because we must be truly aware of the words that God wants us to intercede on his be-half so God plants his wisdom and compassion as a seed to be planted firmly and encouraged to grow. Yet, we may be beside someone where you need say nothing at all but show your care and love to them. God knows the answers to a problem and we need only to pray, listen and be there for them. The person God has led you to minister to, may be holding a bitter winter cold of suffering in his heart and unable to respond to your caring silence verbally. His, or her presence in that situation may be a quiet sense of trust that will be increased as God speaks through his spirit of love as we ‘Be There’, by listening in silence or just sensing the love that flows. Think about it! Sometimes listening is more precious than gold and a fulfilling part of being used by our God.

How often then do you talk more than you listen? It is a unique time to share the silences of his power. It is a gift and rare. Just to share silence in the spirit is a shower of blessings.

Are you thinking about silence as a gift from God between you?

Be Blessed


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