Faith In Action ‘Allowing Ourselves To Be Transformed’


Only God knows how many people have been brought to the point of faith in Christ as result of reading the conversation Jesus had with Nicodemus one night.

It was in the shadows of darkness that Nicodemus met with Jesus, it is a place were many meet Jesus, the shadows of darkness and from that moment their lives are transformed.

Nicodemus became a person who was instrumental in bringing countless others into the light. Nicodemus was only mentioned by name in the Gospel of John. Nicodemus participated in 3 memorable moments in Jesus’ life. First was at the beginning of His ministry, and then later when Nicodemus spoke up in Jesus defense at Jesus’ trial. and then finally when he help Joseph of Arimathea to retrieve Jesus body, and place it in a tomb.

Nicodemus was a religious leader among the Jews at the time.Nicodemus came to Jesus representing a ‘we’ but Jesus treated him as an individual ‘you’. He came looking for formation and Jesus offered him transformation.

Jesus begins with what is familiar, talking about natural birth which everybody experiences. Jesus talks about a ‘Born again experience” which people must go through if they expect to get to heaven..

We must experience a supernatural birth from above, to be transformed into the person we were created to be. Transformed to having a relationship with Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend.

Transformed so it is ‘No longer I that live that Christ lives in Me” Galatians 3 verse 20:

God Bless.


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