Weekend Inspiration



As the world seems to spin faster we live with constant changes and having to adjust. No wonder, we as adults, find that our priorities are adjusted and we are continually chasing comparisons as how to adjust to each day. When following the Christian faith however, we need to focus on a consistency of daily purposes from scripture. This keeps us honed in with the characterization of living as Jesus would which includes preparation for each day based on the spiritual inclusion in our daily interaction. This is not easy in the modern, constantly changing, often confusing events. These changing atmospheres rob the soul of patience and peace. We need to search for an inner well of that which dwelt in our God freely and is available at every crisis, tragedy and betrayal including the unexpected and desolate occasion such as a death, a criminal in prison or families broken apart etc.

In other words, as our hearts bleed, where can you find the symphony of harmony with peace? Perhaps in every dawn you awake to, in the faces of your loved ones at breakfast or standing behind a window watching a storm. Praying among-st flowers, or by the ripples of a still lake. The sunrise may beckon you or the moon at midnight. Linger in searching for a well of inner surety of his love and live in the daily wind of his loving care and trust. Praise him in holy potential of the life he offers you and may your hearts be vibrant with blessing and faith. His peace is yours. Pass it on to others and seek it daily.

Be Blessed


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