Insights Into ‘Galatians’


Paul writes to the explain the errors of Legalistic people who were telling the Galatians believers that they must be circumcised and keep the law of Moses in order to be saved.

Paul is very stirred up because of the false teachers spreading deeply dangerous beliefs in Galatia.

God wants all the people of the world to know Him, but He needed to rescue them from sin. So He chose Abraham and built a nation from his family. But thus nation was effected with sin just like the rest of the world. God wanted and wants the world to know of His love. So God gave the people the Law so that they would reflect His goodness to the world until the time was right for His Son Jesus to come into the world and set the world free from sin.

That would invite the entire world to come { any whosoever} to come to Him by believing in Jesus. {John 3 Verse 16}

All that has happened and people are believing in Jesus and are being set free.But there are false teachers instructing the believers in Galatia the law. The law God gave Moses was never intended to save the people, it was jsut a guardian until the true Salvation.

But these false teacher are telling the believers to turn their backs on Jesus, The Only One Who can save them. This is deadly teaching.

Paul urges the Galatians to ‘walk by the Spirit’ to live by the Spirit’ and to keep in step with the Spirit’

Just like Paul was telling the Galatians, we too, are to focus on the Holy Spirit and follow Him, The Spirit will lead all of us to the ways of God and grow the fruit of the Spirit in all of us.

Our Salvation is gift Jesus paid for and then freely gives us. We Can Do Nothing To Earn It. God set us free from sin and death and set us free to live the the meaningful plans and purposes He has fro our lives {Jeremiah 29 Verse 11}

The Holy Spirit will guide us in all Truth, all we need to do is follow.

God Bless.


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