Faith In Action ‘Rest And Rejoice’



Rest and Rejoice:

Rest: In the knowledge, that because of our Belief and Repentance, God has pronounced over us ‘Forgiven’. This verdict will never change because it is grounded solely and forever in Christ Jesus, Our Lord and Our Friend. His death on the cross, His resurrection to new life for us all, and His intercession for us even now before the throne of God The Father.

Rejoice: In the fact, God The Father has pronounced ‘Forgiven’ over us, and restored us to relationship with himself The Father, His Son and The Holy Spirit. We are now His Children. The cross of Jesus stands like a rock across lives, through which He brings us safely into His presence.

When God ‘rested on the seventh day from all His works, which He had done {Genesis 2 verse 2}. Our Lord and Our Friend was modelling for humanity, His intentions for a day of rest. Clearly Our Lord and Our Friend did this for the sake of Adam and Eve {and for all of us}, because God Himself does not tire or need ‘rest’ as people do.

Was the day of “rest’ given merely as a day off? No it had a more and most important purpose. The Sabbath was to provide a day for believers to worship and focus and rejoice in God.

He gave us rest. rest from all our doing so we can have time to rejoice, in all He has given us.

The Power of The Gospel: Belief, Repentance, Rest, and Rejoice: Bringing Praise and Honor to Our King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and glory to The Father.

This is a simplistic explanation, which we hope will give us all encouragement to take hold of The Fullness of The Power of The Gospel, and how it can Transform all of our lives.

God Bless,


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