Let Our Season Reasoning Be True


I was listening to a saying not long ago and it stuck with me; “Everybody is living to die, but not many are dying to live.”

It takes me back to my school days and that goes way back. I was not a very good reader, and not real studious at all. It was only later in life I became more studious. I completed Bible College as well as a ministries training course studies in Theology and Ministry.

That is because, I came to accept Christ Jesus  when I was 16 years old even though I was brought up in church. My concept of God had changed from a God up there somewhere, to a God who became My Lord, My Savior and My Friend. For many years I would read the Bible but I always wanted to know more. At a mature age I did my further training.

Remembering back to my secondary school days, I read a Book called ‘Johnny Tremain’, about the American war of independence. I loved the characters and one of the characters name was Rab. Rab became committed to the course of independence.  He joined up to fight, but the point of my story is, I always remember from the Book, Rab died in battle. The story line was, ‘Rab died as he lived’, and that saying has stuck with me.

What that said to me, Rab was dying to live, for a new freedom, and when he died, it was said about him ‘He died as he lived’. He died for what he believed. {not talking about martyrdom} I believe it talks about talking the talk and walking the walk and living the life, we are all called to find and to live.

What a joy it is to live with Christ Jesus as Our Lord and Our Friend and even when we do die bodily,  we will always be alive with Him.

So this Christmas lets remember the Real story of Christmas. Jesus was born as one of us, to die as one of us, so that we might truly live with Him Now and in Eternity.

Jesus is the Reason for the Season and His Reason begins a new Season in everybody ‘any whosoever’ who will accepts.

God Bless.

O F J.

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