Insight Into ‘Judges’


In danger of losing the promised land the people are delivered again and again by God through leaders known as ‘Judges’.

The generation of the people who saw God crumble Jerecho’s wall and divide the waters of the Jordan follows Him.

But they fall to completely annihilating the idol-worshiping enemies living in the promise land. God’s people mingle with people who worship false gods, and soon that influence shows.

It only takes a mere generation, after the one that trusted God and saw Him miraculously set them up in the promise land, before God’s people act as though they don’t know Him or the great things he has done.

The people become just as bad. if not worse, than the others people. God’s people give their hearts to their enemies’ gods seeking them for provision that God reigns over.

God allows them to face the consequences of disobedience. Surrounding people groups who will torment and conquer them every few years God does respond to the captive people cries, sending a militarty leader or judge to deliver them from bondage.

Seven times God’s people turn their back on Him, seven times they are defeated by others, and seven times He delievers them, working through seven judges.

No matter how low His people sink, God will never abandon them. when they repent and turn to Him, He forgives them.But even when they don’t He continues to work to rescue them in spite of their wickedness. God is resolutely dedicated to His Promises.

God will be reunited with them again, even if He is the only one upholding His end of the promises made. He will rescue them so they can be close to Him again. The message of the Cross, God himself suffered, to bring us ccccclose to Him again.

God Bless.


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