Weekend Inspiration



While Jesus was on Earth, he brought healing to ‘the bruised reeds’, the hurting humanity of society. This includes the ‘alone’, the helpless and lost. Yet, no matter how small our faith is we can seek restoration of our lives through belief in Jesus. The word REST can be read as ‘REST OUR NATION’ and is sought often, especially during difficult times. God longs to give us rest (Matthew11 verses 28 to 30). If we focus on the gift of rest from God during our testing, burdened times instead of saying, ‘As soon as such and such happens I cannot rest, or ‘ as soon as there is time for it, I will rest.’ Yet God intends burdens to be light as he does not intend exhaustion and weariness to be carried by us but the gift of freedom releases our souls from that which we do not control and so can return it to Jesus. Matthew 12 verses 20 to 21. So accept his gift of rest with courage and acknowledge HE can end all conflict. He will not quench crush the weak or quench hope. To know peace is to know you are held and loved by God.

A disciple asked his guru, ‘How am I to attain peace when there is so much noise from this village. Every time I try to meditate, there’s a rooster crowing or a child crying or a dog barking, I can’t concentrate on my prayers.’ The guru said nothing but took the man by the hand and led him into the forest until they came to a small pond that had become choppy. ‘What do you see in the pool?’ the guru asked. ‘It is troubled.’ replied the disciple. His master then told him to dive into the pool to the bottom. When he emerged from the water, the master asked him what he saw in the pool. It is still and deep, the man answered. ‘So then,’ said the master, ‘you must learn how to pray from the water.

(FROM ‘SACRED JOURNEY’ BY Mike Riddell) Loriane’s Brother

Be Blessed


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