Repentance Brings The Miraclous


Repentance brings the Miraculous, New Life. Ephesians 2 Verse 1:

“And you were dead in your trespasses and sins”.

Dead to the Empowering Newness, God wants to give to our lives, what we were created for.

More than a sorry, for doing something wrong. More than a sorry for missing the mark, God created us to meet. A sorry because we were dead in our trespasses and sins to God.

God created us with plans for our lives. Jeremiah 29 V 11.

If we were driving a car and put water in the fuel tank, the car would not respond to the manufactures guidelines. Likewise because of the wrong intake into our lives, we are broken vessels because of trespasses and sin.

God can use us for His purpose, because all things are possible with God, Matthew 19 v26; He used a donkey for His purposes in Numbers 22 v 28:

Our Lord and Our Friend would rather us be willing vessels, so repentance for ‘missing the mark, God has for us’ {Sin and Trespasses}. is more than receiving God forgiveness, It is receiving New Life from Him.

Receiving our created purpose, A Life that is open to a relationship with Him.

Repentance brings the Miraculous, a life of eternal fellowship, with Our Creator God.

We all who were dead in trespasses and sin, have been made right with God, Who hates sin, because it ruins our creative purpose He has for us. We remain sinners, covered by the Righteousness of Christ Jesus, Who paid the price for us, for our unrighteousness to be covered by His Righteousness.

Real Repentance, for falling short, brings Forgiveness and New Life, the life we were created for.

The Miraculous Transaction is not just our Repentance and Forgiveness, It is The Package of New Life, New Purpose, New Hope, New Destiny, that comes from God’s acceptance of us, into the Kingdom of His Son Christ Jesus.

Where before, we could not come before His Presence, because of our transgression, now we can come boldly before the Throne of Grace, in the time of our need, Hebrews 4 verse 16:

If we become stubborn and self righteous, and not admit our transgression, {Things Our Creator calls transgression}, we can not possibly have the Miraculous, of boldly coming before His Throne, in the time of need.

We can not walk in the fellowship, with Our Wonderful Savor, Lord and Friend, we sell our self short, of the life we were created for.

God Bless.


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