Faith In Action ‘Stepping Out’


It was Frank Sinatra who sang a song, ‘I Did It My Way’ and a line from the song, ‘Regrets I have had a few, but to few to mention’.

‘I Did It My Way’, no matter what way we do it, have we ever thought first about the consequences of what we do.

I met a lady named Caroline, as I was traveling around, Caroline’s husband Paul was in hospital with a broken back. He was quite fortunate however, because he hadn’t become a quadriplegic.

Caroline’s story on how Paul became like this was extraordinary, and certainly portrays consequences for actions. Paul was a builder, and the family lived in a large country town. A bad lightening storm, went through the town. Paul for some unknown reason decides he wanted to see the storm from the roof of the house.

Well you can guess what happened, Paul fell off the roof. Talk about actions bring consequences, now the family would be feeling the pain of loss of income fro sometime. This was a real story, a very sad story, and an extreme example that our actions bring consequence

I was able to pray with Caroline for her husband and families situation, and Caroline said her local church was helping out. Caroline was pleasantly surprise that someone so far from home, would care enough to pray with her. I gave out our card and reassured her if she need any further help to contact us.

Everything we do, has either good or bad consequences. Our Lord and Our Friend knows every choice we can make, and is always by The Holy Spirit trying to direct us to the best ones.

As we consider our own lives today, what consequences are we perhaps ignoring? Is there a relationship that needs healing, a problem that needs to be solved, a habit that needs to be broken or established, or perhaps a decision that needs to be made.

Our Lord and Our Friend is an Ever Present Friend in our lives, commune with Him about it, before the consequences for our actions become difficult and burdensome.

God Bless.


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